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Texas Homeschool Laws 2020 // How to Start a Texas Homeschool // Christian Homeschool How to Start

Have kids at home thanks to public school shutdown for coronavirus? Need to know Texas Homeschool Laws 2020 to determine if homeschooling is a good fit for you? Check out this video on how to start a Texas homeschool for an overview of the laws, 3 best practices, and loads of resources. I hope it's helpful and gives you confidence that you CAN meet Texas homeschool requirements; you CAN do this!

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Homeschool Schedule Single Parent // Christian Homeschool How to Start // Abeka and Sonlight Reviews

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of homeschooling? Need homeschool corona virus ideas? Check out this video for a homeschool how to start, including a homeschool schedule, budget discussion, and Abeka and Sonlight reviews.

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Social Media Outreach Planner for Christian Projects, Businesses, and Ministries

This planner is a complete guide to mapping out a social media strategy that supports your broader goals. In 16 pages it captures the key questions to ask when clarifying your goals and defining your strategy, helps you establish a sustainable production rhythm, and shares best practices from nearly 15 years of experience in integrated communication and strategic planning. I'M READY TO CLICK HERE AND GET MY GUIDE!

Gratitude Tracker

The perfect tool for cultivating a grateful heart and increasing awareness of how God is at work in your life; guaranteed to enhance your quality of life, no matter what the day holds. I'M GOING TO CLICK HERE AND GET GRATEFUL!