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Wondering what Before You Now is about? Through this website I take more than 15 years of experience working all over the world in a number of ways and leverage everything I can to save you time, money, and energy in building your ministry on any scale, whether to your family or as the head of a large organization. I am passionate about equipping you to do the work that God has placed before you, now, and encouraging you every step of the way. We all need a cheerleader, especially when we are working to serve others.

I founded a nonprofit-turned-ministry in 2014, after graduating from the United States Naval Academy with honors, serving around the country and in Afghanistan, welcoming a beautiful daughter into the world, and moving to Beasley, Texas (you're going to have to Google it. I did, before I moved here. Need a hint? It's tiny, and west of Houston.)

My organization, The Xena Project, serves veterans, law enforcement, first responders, and families. In an interesting, God-driven turn of events, I became the first person to move entirely through our pipeline, starting out bogged down by depression, anxiety, and trauma, and eventually walking into the Word of God and full abandonment to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Now I take other people along that journey, just like you do if you care enough about ministry to have found this site.

Here's what I've noticed about ministry in the last five years - it takes God's hand to make it work, because most of it seems pretty disorganized! I'm laughing as I type and that's a joke, kind of... the sort of joke that is funny because it is true. With an extremely high rate of failure for non-profit organizations (some sources estimate a more than 90% failure rate within the first five years), people often marvel at the fact that The Xena Project thrives, welcoming more than 2000 individuals in the first five years of operation. We are committed to filling voids in service, reaching people that no one else in this area does, whether that means veterans in jail, homebound retired law enforcement, or a close-knit community in a rural area.

"How does it work?!," people ask.

"Your model is revolutionary!," people declare.

These statements, while very kind, are cause for laughter on our team. We are the opposite of revolutionary. We are so down to earth, so rooted in common sense, that the way we operate seems glaringly obvious and simple. To us, it is, because it is the way we were taught. Our team is comprised entirely of military veterans and law enforcement professionals, and we run our organization the same way we ran teams, ships, squadrons, and combat units in the military.

Bottom line - these methods work, and anyone can use them.

Every week at The Xena Project, we see God's mighty hand on the people we serve. He allows us the privilege of seeing people at their most vulnerable and walking with them, whatever that means. Sometimes (many times) they go back to drugs at least one more time. Sometimes (many times) they stay in the fog of depression or the claw of anxiety. Sometimes (many times) the trauma wins a round. Sometimes (many times) they get divorced again, or lose their children for a while. Sometimes (many times) they come for our animal interaction programs but end up in Bible study. Sometimes (many times) they ask for their own Bibles so they can walk their own path in the Word.

Sometimes (every time) the people we serve reveal the face of God to us. 

Sometimes (every time) it is a privilege to work here.

I got to wondering - what if the world could feel like this? What if the whole world had easier access to the tools and methodologies that have proven so effective at The Xena Project? What if every person with a call to ministry on their hearts who feels slightly overwhelmed by it, knew what I know from all of those years in uniform and thousands upon thousands of hours of training in leadership, ethics, and management? What if they learned all of the best practices from 15 years working in public affairs and community outreach in less time? What if they had a cheerleader as they walked out in faith and obedience to God's command? 

What if the whole world knew that we are all called to ministry, on some scale? Whether we are loving and leading a family, launching a grassroots initiative, or standing before a church, we all have a call.

With Him, the power and the might is limitless. Something great will be built through you, whatever and wherever that means. It is a privilege to cheer you on.

Thank you for being here. I can't wait to see what happens through you!

With extreme gratitude,


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