Valentine's Day 2020 Speaking Engagement

FEB 2020 1

I had the privilege of speaking to a group of women for Valentine's Day who are otherwise alone, part of a powerful personal ministry by one incredible woman.

Approximately 30 women gathered in a private home for great food, better company, and to worship God together on a day that might otherwise be lonely. Many of the women are widows with powerful memories attached to holidays spent with loved ones who are no longer with us; others never married or have not yet married.

Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to spend the holiday with you. You have blessed me, and I am grateful.

If you want to join in the celebration, check out the materials shared here. Happy Valentine's Day!

- Jan

Prior to the speaking engagement, people from around the country submitted messages and prayers for this gathering. Listen to their messages in this video:


FEB 2020 1

FEB 2020 2

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